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Mt Hotham Alpine Resort

An all-season vacation getaway, Mt. Hotham offers the best of either worlds, or seasons to be exact. Summer in the mountain means biking, horseback riding, bush walking, fly fishing and touring. Although it's an excellent summer escape, the mountain is more renowned for its winter slopes.

Mt. Hotham has long been considered as the powder capital of Australia. This ski haven boasts of having the highest annual snowfall among the resorts in Victoria. The mountain offers prime spots for snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, biathlon and pipe riding, the 320 hectare ski serving as training grounds for some of the world's most famous alpine athletes. Some of those who have skied down the slopes of Mt. Hotham include big-mountain skiing champion Andrea Binning and Olympic bi-athlete Cameron Morton. Members of Australia's national team are also known to frequent these slopes.


Mt. Hotham's summit has an altitude of 1,861 metres above sea level, its village sitting at a height of 1,750 metres. This makes the Hotham village the highest of its kind in Victoria and second only to Charlotte Pass in Australia. Visitors can experience the majesty of the mountain by taking a ride in one of the13 lifts. These lifts transport up to 24,485 persons every hour. The topmost point of the mountain is reachable through the lifts at 1,845 metres.

Skiing Area

With its highest point of lift elevation, Mt. Hotham offers a long down slope for ski and snow boarding enthusiasts and a magnificent alpine view. With a total skiing area measuring around 320 hectares, every skier or snowboarder can find his place on the slopes.

Mt. Hotham had been, for the longest time, regarded as a serious skier's paradise. This is certainly true with tree-lined ski slopes stretching to 35 kilometres. For the record, Hotham's longest ski track is an exhilarating 2.5 kilometre run. Other areas in the resort are reserved for different snow activities.

Terrain mix – beginners/advanced

For the ski and snowboarding enthusiasts, Mt. Hotham has terrains that can cater to different levels of skiing abilities.

  • 20% of the alpine's terrain is suitable for beginners to ski, such as bunny hills and gently sloping grounds
  • 40% of the alpines terrain is suitable for Intermediate skiers
  • 40% reserved for the more experienced expert skiers

Freestyle snowboarders and skiers can strut their stuff in two of the mountain resort's terrain parks. Expert-level skiers can ski down Australia's only "double black" runs in Mt. Hotham, the only mountain resort in the country that has these slopes.


For on mountain accommodation, Hotham Holidays offers booking services that can help tourists select the best accommodation for their discerning taste and budget. There are almost 5,000 beds available in the 180 properties within the village. Among the properties available are shared dorms, houses, apartments, chalets, lodges, motel-style rooms and exclusive penthouses.

Dining and Entertainment

More than 20 food establishments in the alpine offer their outstanding services to cater to individual appetites. Amongst the establishments are restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, and bars. For some tourists a vacation on the slopes does not always mean an early night after a day's activities. At Mt. Hotham, visitors can continue to enjoy themselves well after the sun has set because of bars with live bands and dance parties.


The many other facilities offered by the Hotham village not only help to enhance a ski holiday experience but to include options for those who want a little something away from the snow

  • Skiing lessons and tutorials for children and adults
  • Daycare services
  • Service teams around the park
  • Spa treatments and massages
  • Sled dog rides

These are only some of the usual things that can be experienced within Mt Hotham. With its great variety of activities, from sports to parties, Mt Hotham is certainly not only for the ski buffs.


Hotham is host to a number of events throughout the year, on and off the slopes. For a list of the events, see http://www.hotham.com.au/index.php?pid=276


Part of the famous Great Dividing Range, Mt. Hotham is the most accessible mountain resort from Australia's major cities, the perfect spot for urban dwellers who want the tranquil surroundings of a mountain range.

  • Situated some 357 kilometres away from the northeastern side of Melbourne, this ski resort is only a measly 4.5-hour drive
  • Sydney residents can get to the mountain after a scenic 9 hour drive along a stretch of 746 kilometres
  • Those from Adelaide can enjoy a longer 997 kilometre drive.

Getting There

Being near to major cities is certainly an advantage for Mt. Hotham. Travel to the resort can be achieved through the following ways:



Air Travel

Air Travel - Mt. Hotham is the only alpine that has its own airport. It is only 10 kilometres away from the village and 20 kilometres away from the alpine.

  • Flying from Sydney, through Mascot Airport, will take about 80 minutes
  • Flights coming in from Melbourne only take around 45 minutes

Upon arriving at the Mt. Hotham Airport, tourists are transferred to their alpine accommodations by coaches.

MT Hotham Travel Notes

  • Location: 4 hours from Melbourne
  • Lifts: 13
  • Cost of Chair Lifts: adult $94, child $47
  • Accommodation: Budget: $200 per person, mid range: $300 pp, Luxury: $500
  • Ski Hire/Rental:
    At MT Hotham -
    Alpine Haven Ski Hir, Hotham Sports, Zirky's Rentals

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